Monday, November 22, 2010

i am a sucker for silk

I've loved silk tops for a long time now; I love the way they feel on you, and I love the way they sit on the body. Silk tops can be casual-chic or dressed up, very versatile. The first one is from Zara ($69.90), it is the PERFECT button down silk top, much cheaper than the Equipment silk tops which retails for $188! The second is the Aritzia t. babaton silk top ($98), I believe this top was sold out before, now it's back in stock! Also comes in red and black solid colors.

Now I really need to stop spending!! I've been reading a lot of financial blogs lately, thinking of ways to make extra money. Any ideas?

- K.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

jeffrey, you stole my heart

What can I say? I originally thought I had to order them online but a tpfer told me she saw them at Browns shoes!! 

- K.