Friday, December 31, 2010

new year, new start

Every year, I always start off really motivated trying to fulfill my goals. However, after a few weeks I start to lose sight of the big picture. However, this year is going to be different, this year I'm really going to be more responsible.

Here are my financial goals for 2011:

1.) Pay off student loans by June (I don't have much to go but have lots of fixed expenses).

2a.) Pay off my Christmas-spree by Feb.

2b.) To achieve the above, I will be going on a 2 month clothing ban starting immediately.

3.) Continue putting away $1200/month for condo down payment (due in 1.5 years). 

4.) Have at least $6000 of personal savings by end of the year.

5.) Bring lunch to work at least 50% of the time. This is a big one for me because I NEVER cook.

I really wish I could put more money into my personal savings, because I think I make a decent salary for a 25 year-old. But with rent, and our upcoming down payment, it makes it nearly impossible. Anyway, starting Jan 1, 2011, I will be recording my daily spending in my agenda. I will post a monthly recap at the end of each month to keep myself on track.

Now that we got the boring stuff out of the way, time for some of my new purchases!!! You won't be seeing anything new until at least March, so enjoy =)

Mulberry Alexa bag in Oak

Club Monaco wool shorts; Zara pants; Club Monaco pants

Wilfred free wool swearter; 7 for all mankind jeans x 2; Topshop cardi

Joie booties

- K.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

UPDATE! and new direction of blog.

Hi guys!

I apologize for the lack of posts. I've been extremely busy and therefore have been too tired to post!! Firstly, happy holidays to everyone!!! Secondly, new years is in a few days, so happy new year!! I returned from my NY trip a couple weeks ago and have some goodies to share with you guys. And of course how can I forget Christmas gifts and so forth...

I have to get a USB cable for my new DSLR camera (Xmas present), then I will be able to upload everything.

Just wanted to let my readers know that there will be some changes coming to this blog. In the last few months I have been obsessed with my finances, and I will explain why in the new year. So, to add to my new obsession, this blog will partially be about finances as well.

For the time being, let me leave you with a few pics I took from NY.

- K.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

my lucky day

So today I went to get some last minute items for my NY trip... and as luck would have it, guess what I found and in my size!!!

I have loved this skirt from the Lanvin collabo with H&M since I first laid eyes on it. However I am not the kind of girl who would go and line up to buy clothes... I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it in stores!! There were a few Lanvin pieces left at H&M all in larger sizes. Of course these were returns... but my skirt is perfection! I absolutely love it!

- K.