Saturday, August 21, 2010

summersault into fall

It is just weeks away from fall and I'm getting excited! Fall is not really my favorite season but it sure is the most important season for fashion! Vogue of course is known for their fall magazine, I bought one the other day and it is at least 3 lbs, seriously. Along with Vogue, I also picked up Harper's Bazaar and Glamour, these should keep me occupied for awhile.

I love Jennifer Aniston btw, I think she's just gorgeous!

New season = new needs!! Now here are my needs for fall... I'm going to NYC in Dec, hoping to acquire a few of these items!

1. christian louboutin fifi satin & lace pump $725
2. mulberry alexa leather bag $1150
3. yves saint laurent arty dots ring $195
4. yves saint laurent arty ovale $195
5. tiffany paloma picasso marrakesh ring $2900
6. chanel mat lumiere luminous matte powder $60



  1. I adore Jennifer Aniston too! She is so gorgeous.
    LOVE the Louboutins. :)

  2. Amazing wishlist, love the rings and bag. I looked for some YSL-looking jewelery on etsy!