Thursday, January 13, 2011

i really hate myself

I would say that the past few weeks, I have had great self control with my ban. I did not suffer any withdraw symptoms whatsoever. 

However, today, as I was browsing on the Revolve website, I noticed that the Michael Kors watch I wanted was back in stock (after many months) and there was a 25% discount code!!! I've ordered this watch last year around the summer time, but then cancelled my order b/c I felt bad about my spending. I have been wanting a casual oversized gold watch for sometime now, and I thought this was a great deal, so I broke my ban for this. I feel terrible about myself, but at the same time, if I wait until March, it may not be there anymore! Plus may not have the same discount anymore either!! So I had to do it... here it is, can't wait til it comes in the mail!

Anyway, I've decided that I am going to create a shopping list for 2011. I'm pretty sure I've spent approximately $4000-5000 on clothing/shoes/accessories alone last year. This year, I've decided I will cut that budget in half, and only buy things that has been on my wishlist since 2010. My shopping budget will be $2200, here are the following things I want/need this year.

1.) Winter jacket, probably Mackage ($550)
2.) David Yurman bracelet ($600), going to Vegas in May, will check out the store there
3.) Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo ($400), I need a casual bag I can just throw around
4.) Clothes ($300), this might not be doable... we'll see
5.) Runners ($100)
6.) Scarves ($100)

- K.

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  1. Dont feel bad! 25% off a MK watch is a great savings that you cant pass up! Maybe put the money you saved into savings!

    good luck on the remainder of the ban!