Thursday, January 6, 2011

fine, one more item...

Okay, let me start off by saying this is not a new purchase. Well it is, but not purchased by me. I have always adored lingerie, I worked at a national chain lingerie store for a couple years while I was going through school. As much as I love lingerie, I would never, EVER spend over $50 on a bra, $20 on underwear. This Christmas, the bf actually surprised me with a set from Agent Provocateur (what I had secretly been wanting, although not so secret because I talked about it for a few days, couple months ago). The set he picked out... I did not love, and actually I wanted to take it for a full refund since he paid $400 for the set!!!!!! That is freakin insane, I could do so much with $400!!! So after I had gotten over that initial shock, I went back to the store, already knew which style I wanted, the Fifi bra. Tried on the 3 colors, completely loved it!!! This set is just gorgeous, it is so cute and girly. The bra has subtle hint of purple stripes, with lace on the top, the panties are fun and flirty!! Ahh I'm in love!!! But is it worth the $205 for the bra? I would have to say... possibly, it is absolutely the nicest bra I've ever owned, and in the future if I had extra money to burn I would definitely pick up the other colors!! Since this set is slightly cheaper than the other set the bf picked out, I was able to pick up something small on sale =)

On another note, my shopping ban thus far is going extremely well!! I haven't bought any clothes, or accessories for the past week!! Only 7 more weeks to go haha! Although I did spend $500 dollars yesterday, but it was a necessity, I had to renew my practice license!! 

Well that's all for now! I've attached my email contact on the upper right corner of my blog for anyone who has any questions or comments!

- K.

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